Dirt 5: New Trailer Shows What’s New

Dirt will be back once more as the developer for the game announcers Dirt 5 and from we are seeing so far, the new game will be one fo the most diverse game of the series so far.

The announcement was accompanied by a trailer and screenshots of the game were to get to see some of the professional rally cars and buggies along with some street-legal vehicles like the Ariel Nomad and 2967 Ford Mustang fastback model.

According to the developers, the new Dirt 5 will allow players to customize their paint scheme like never before. The trailer also showed some of the locations that players will get to race in and this will include environment with mud, snow, and ice. The trailer also showed a frozen Est River in New Tork City as one of the locations. The screenshots also showed China and Norway so variety will obviously not be an issue here.

For now, Dirt 5 is set to arrive in October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The PS5 and Xbox Series X version will arrive next year.

Author: Staff Reporter

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