Dodge Challenger Demon Haunted By GMC’s Pickup

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The Dodge Challenger Demon may be the world’s fastest accelerating sports car in stock form but this does not make it invulnerable to challenges from other markets. We say so because we had just spotted a pickup truck from GMC that can give the Challenger Demon a run for its money.

Well, the pickup truck we are talking about is not an ordinary model as it is the Syclone. The lightweight pickup is very old in age and it was spotted showing off its performance in a video that surfaced online earlier today.

The clip took out breaths away as the Syclone showed no remorse when sprinting from knots to 60mph. Everything happened far too quickly as the Syclone recorded a 0-60mph time of 2.1 seconds.

This is an amazing 0.2 seconds faster than the Challenger Demon and it makes the pickup truck from GMC favorites to destroy the newcomer. But then again, it is also worth noting that the Syclone is a modified vehicle whereas the Challenger Demon is in its stock form.