Dodge Challenger Demon: Quick Off The Line, Quick To Lose To Camaro

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The Dodge Challenger Demon may be the world’s record holder for being the fastest 0-60mph car but this does not mean it is unbeatable. The Demon is not only fast off the line but it is also quick to get challenged by rival vehicles.

We have already seen a video of a GMC pickup truck getting modified to match the Challenger Demon’s performance and today we are able to witness something else. It is the latest Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE getting an upgrade to gun down the Challenger Demon.

Known as the Camaro Exorcist, the car is developed by Hennessey Performance thus allowing it to offer 1000hp instead of 650hp. This is a big jump in power and the car has one simple goal – to stop the Challenger Demon.

This is why Hennessey Performance has decided to call the special Camaro the Exorcist. But of course, the Camaro Exorcist has yet to demonstrate its new-found powers against the Challenger Demon hence it is still an unproven car.