Dodge Challenger: FCA Digging A Grave For It?

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While Ford and Chevrolet choose to turn their Mustang and Camara into more like a sports car, Dodge has decided to keep the Challenger as a real muscle car which is why the vehicle still had such a following but that might all come crashing down as FCA boss Mike Manly suggest that electric will be part of its future.

According to Manley, things will change in an electric way for the next generation. He added that they need to move on from the platform and technology that they will be using. New tech will bring down the weight of the vehicles and they can start thinking of how to change in terms of powertrains. Manley expalin that elecrificaton will be part of muscle cars in the future and not the V8, supercharged 700hp engine.

We do not know how much the vehicle will be offering in terms of performance. While we do know that it will only be a matter of time before this happens, that does not mean that the Dodge fans will be fine with this.

Hipefull, more details will be coming soon.