Dodge Challenger GT Shows Off To Make Mustang & Camaro Owners Jealous

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The Dodge Challenger is an iconic American muscle car and this is despite its history of poor reliability. While not as popular as the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro, the Challenger brags a new model that can make owners of their rivals jealous.

It is the Challenger GT, which is basically the first Challenger in history to adopt AWD. The aim here is to give the Challenger GT far greater handling and such an offering will bless Dodge with a wider market reach. The move to AWD may upset the muscle car purists but it is a route which Dodge has to take if it wants to evade financial crumble.

Today, Dodge has launched a new advert for the Challenger GT and the clip is fully shot in Alaska. Alaska is well-known for its icy environment and driving a sports car in such conditions may seem impossible. But thanks to the AWD on the Challenger GT, the car can cope well with the unforgiving terrain and this can boost the car’s popularity – even if it is just for publicity.

If you have yet to check out the advert, you can view it below.