Dodge Charger Angel Tipped To Arrive With 900hp!

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If you think that the performance spree from Dodge can’t go beyond the Challenge Demon, you best check again because we are likely to witness the release of the Charger Angel.

It all started last year when official reports confirmed that Dodge patented the name Angel which hints on a twin vehicle for the Demon. But when the Challenger Demon arrives, there was no sight of the Angel.

However, right after the last Demon got auctioned off, rumours went wild on the internet with their claim that there is going to be a 900hp muscle car debuting at the LA Auto Show this November. Some of the reports went as far as claiming that the vehicle is a Dodge Charger.

The word is that the Charger Angel will be the 4-door version of the Challenger Demon and it will have an extra 30hp to make up for the extra weight. The Charger Angel will be going on sale in 2019.

There is no telling how accurate the claim is and the only way to find out is through checking out the LA Auto Show this November. Until then, you should take the above with a grain of salt.