Dodge Charger Hellcat Will Let You Go Crazy With Colors

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One way to make sure your Dodge Charger Hellcat does not look the same as the other Charger Hellcat on the road is to make sure you come out with a crazy enough color combination that others will not have.

Luckily, Dodge has already provided their customers with the tools. The online configurator for the Dodge Charger Hellcat will come with 14 different paint options as well as four-wheel design. On top of that, there is the stripes and decals to add on too.

Of course, depending on what you choose to get and how you many you select, the vehicle might end up being more pricey than you intended but it is still fun to see how it might look like even if you don’t go ahead and book one at the end.

If you would like to see how your dream Dodge Charger Hellcat would look like, you can also try out their online configurator.