Dodge Charger May Skip Demon For 900hp Angel!

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Dodge has never stopped exceeding expectations when producing sports cars and this is evident with the Challenger SRT Demon. The latter caught the world by surprise as nobody thought that Dodge will pull off a car that is more insane than the Challenger Hellcat.

With that in mind, we are expecting the performance-driven company to further expand by releasing a second Demon through the Charger. It was first thought to be a playful idea but now, this looks more likely to come true.

The first sign came through a patent from Dodge called Angel. Fast forward till today, a notable industry insider claims that the Charger is en route to getting a 900hp setup. If the puzzle pieces are to fit, we may see a more powerful Charger coming out in the future with the name Angel engraved on its body.

It would make sense as the Charger can be described as the more angelic variant of the Challenger thanks to having 4 doors. If it does come true, we sure hope that the Charger Angel will be the last of biblical names from Dodge.