Dodge Charger Takes The Angel, Not The Demon

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Dodge is always ready to push the box when it comes to their Dodge Charger and Dodge Challender. The Challenger was given the SRT Demon upgrade and people are expecting to see a similar update happening for the Dodge Charger but it looks like Dodge will not be offering the Charger with a Demon badge but an Angel badge.

This was speculated after Dodge filed a patent for the Angel name. It was later reported that Dodge might be working on a Charger that would be offering about 900hp. We do not know if these two belong together but most people believe that the 900hp Charger would be given the Angel badge when it arrives.

It also made sense that Dodge would want something different for the Charger and the Angel badge could be just right for the 4-door model. Without any confirmation from Dodge, it is best to take it all with a pinch of salt for now.