Dodge Charger Will Make A Perfect Angel, Here’s Why

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2018 has been a strong year for Dodge and this is mostly owed to the release of the Challenger Demon. The top-of-the-line Challenger was launched with near-900hp to offer and it actually held the record for being the world’s fastest stock quarter-mile car for a period of time.

So when Dodge got caught trademarking the name Angel, it got the entire fanbase getting hyped towards the creation of another out-of-this-world vehicle.

If you asked us what we thing about the Angel, we would gladly say that the vehicle will be a high-powered Dodge Charger. The car will get slotted above the Hellcat model just like how it is for the Challenger Demon and it will be tuned with tons of power to offer.

Furthermore, the Charger will fit in well with the name Angel as its 4-door setup can offer greater practicality than the Challenger Demon – and everyone knows that the opposite of the Demon is Angel.

The bottom line here is that the Angel cannot be used for a weak vehicle as that would spoil the power balance between good and evil. The car has to be as strong as the Challenger Demon and this makes the Charger a fitting car for the role.