Dodge Chargers & Challengers Recalled Over Its Wheels

Dodge will be issuing a recall to bring back their Dodge Challengers and Charger after it was discovered that the vehicle might have been fitted with an incompatible front wheel and brake package.

According to the recall, about 173 units will be affected and those affected models will be those build between May 28 and September 25 this year.

Because the wheels do not give the vehicle enough clearance from the suspension and brake components, there is a chance that the inner sidewall of the tires causing a loss of tire air pressure. This might then lead to a crash.

To fix the issue, Dodge will be installing the correct wheels to the vehicle and also replace the rear wheels to match the front wheels. They also pointed out that the problem here with an engineering error and not a wheel defect. Owners affected by the recall will be contacted by FCA around the 13th of December.

Author: Staff Reporter

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