Dodge Demon Destroyed By McLaren 720S!

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About a year ago when Dodge showed to the world the Challenger SRT Demon, they revealed that the 840hp muscle car is the world’s fastest quarter-mile vehicle. True enough, the Demon came out destroying every competitor on the quarter-mile challenge but this now comes with a single exception.

As how we have given it away in the title above, the McLaren 720S has literally embarrassed the Dodge Demon. It is something we never expected because the 720S is one of the more affordable vehicles from McLaren and it is not exactly designed for the best straight-line performance.

The 720S and the Dodge Demon squared off on the drag strip under the supervision of Drag Times and it saw the British sports car outpacing its American counter-part. We used the term ‘destroyed’ because the 720S overtook the Demon in a convincing manner. Just see it for yourself below.