Dodge Durango Pursuit Misses Out On Trackhawk Potential!

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About a month ago, the law enforcers in the US announced on a new vehicle joining their crime-fighting fleet and it is called the Dodge Durango Pursuit. The vehicle is basically a Durango that has been beefed up and modified for police use.

The only downside to this is that the Durango Pursuit’s extra power over the ordinary Durango is going to be short-lived by the prospects of the Durango Trackhawk.

The latter is a vehicle that is rumoured to be in development and it will have 707hp to offer. With the Durango being very similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it won’t be difficult for Dodge to pull off a Hellcat-powered model that bears the Trackhawk badge.

But of course, until a confirmation on the Trackhawk happens, cops can’t put their hopes up for the vehicle and they wouldn’t mind settling for the Pursuit.