Dodge Durango Trackhawk May Force Back The Pursuit!

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A couple of months ago, Dodge launched a brand-new Durango and it is one that comes with the moniker ‘Pursuit’. The SUV is basically made for the law enforcers and many departments were quick to place an order for the vehicle.

Unlike the ordinary Durango, the Pursuit variant is built for greater performance. The vehicle relies on a 5.7L V8 engine that can push out 360hp and 390ft-lbs of torque.

But then again, we feel that the law enforcers may regret rushing the purchase of the Durango Pursuit and this is due to the potential release of the Trackhawk variant. The latter is basically a name given to an SUV from FCA that rides on the 707hp Hellcat mill and there are plenty of signs pointing to the Durango as the next vehicle that will get the Trackhawk upgrade.

Should this happen, anyone with the cash can look forward to purchasing the Durango Trackhawk and the vehicle will leave a sour feel on law enforcers due the inferiority of the Pursuit model.