Dodge Durango vs Chrysler Pacifica: The Next Hellcat Monster Is…

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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, or FCA for short, has got this weird practice of turning every production vehicle into performance monsters. Since the released of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat several years ago, FCA has passed around the 707hp V8 mill to their other vehicles.

The move to ‘Hellcat everything’ picked up pace this year after Dodge launched the Challenger Demon and the car basically removed every exclusivity effect on the Hellcat moniker. This has then led to the arrival of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk – an SUV packed with 707hp.

With that being said, we can fully expect more vehicles to join the Hellcat ranks but which one is up next? The rumours are rife in claiming that Chrysler will equip the Pacifica with the 707hp Hellcat mill but we doubt that to happen anytime soon.

Our doubts were strengthened last week when Chrysler revealed that the race-tuned Pacifica pictured in an official sketch above is nothing more than a fun idea that isn’t in their plans at the moment. Hence, we feel that it is more likely for the Dodge Durango to get a Hellcat makeover.

The Durango can be described as the 7-seater clone to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. If the latter can do well with a hemi-v8, then there won’t be any problem for the Durango to adopt the 707hp engine.

Having the Durango Trackhawk around can also help FCA identify if there is truly a market for a monstrous 7-seater family hauler. Should the Durango Trackhawk be able to attract a number of buyers, then we can expect the Pacifica Hellcat to follow suit.