Dodge Viper Coming Back Soon?

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A lot of people were upset when Dodge announce that they were going to remove the Dodge Viper from their lineup. At that time, it was reported that the supercar was killed off because it could not meet the safety standards.

While Dodge has never indicated that they plan to bring back the Dodge Viper anytime soon, some reports are claiming that Dodge might be working on one. According to Car&Driver, the new Dodge Viper is already in the works and that Dodge plans to unveil the new model next year.

The report claim that the information was given to them by a reliable insider. They also added that the Viper will feature a completely different design and that it will be riding on a new platform. The new architecture might be the solution to the safety standard issue, it will also allow them to explore more powertrain options.

Of course, without hearing anything from Dodge, it would be best to take this all in with a pinch of salt.