Dodge Viper: Former Mustang Driver Is Actually Highly-Skilled!

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Crashing stupidly when attempting to show off at car meets is something which the Ford Mustang is famous for and there is no escaping this stigma.

Just a week ago, we shared with you a video of a rare Dodge Viper crashing like a Mustang and followed it up with a report indicating that the driver is a former owner of the pony car from Ford. This report led many to bash the driver for being unskilled – something which we find to be wrong entirely.

We say so because a new video has emerged ant it gave us a clearer look at how the Viper’s crashing happened. To our surprise, the driver managed to control the Viper for a full 8 seconds while the car was losing traction.

This is an impressive time because we can recall a number of Viper-related videos that tends to spin out of control the moment it loses traction.