Dodge Viper Set For A Revival In 2020?

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A couple of years ago, Dodge pulled the plug on the Viper. The axing of the Viper is a necessary move for Dodge to make as the car is no longer meeting the stricter safety automotive requirements.

Parting ways with the iconic all-American supercar wasn’t easy for Dodge and the great amount of love for the car may have forced its maker to rush the development of a new generation model.

As how it was claimed by Car&Driver’s supposedly credible insider, the next-gen Viper is already in the works and a prototype concept is scheduled to make its unveiling at the 2020 Detroit Auto Show.

This is a huge claim for the insider to make and to see C&D backing it up has convinced us on its happening. There’s now ay to be certain about it and the only way to find out is to wait until 2020.