Dodge Viper: Still Not Out Of It Yet!

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A lot of people were not too happy when Dodge announce that they will be removing the Dodge Viper from their lineup and since then, they have been people that are asking Dodge to bring it back but if you are looking to get a new Dodge Viper you can actually still do so.

According to the latest report, one buyer actuallyl managed to get himself a new Dodge Viper this year. We do not know how many dealers still have them but you might get luckly if you start asking around.

It was also revealed this week that the Lexus LFA which was discontinued after the 2012 model is actually still available although we are not sure if those in the lots are for sale or not as the dealers might be collecting them and using them as displays.

Other discontinued models like the 2017 Infinit QX70 is also hangging around as they managed to sell 6 units of it this year.