Dodge Viper Stunt Fail Blamed On Ford Mustang!

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Crashing at car meets when attempting to show off is turning into a common happening here in the US and most offenders drove the Ford Mustang. This is unfortunate for the good Mustang drivers as the amount of stupid crashes at car meets have given them a bad image.

It is a stigma for the good drivers to live with and it doesn’t get any better when another vehicle is to crash upon showing off at car meets. This is proven again today when a Dodge Viper lost control and swerved into the roadside curb at speed.

A video of the happening went viral online and it led to an individual claiming to have known the driver. The individual explained that the driver had just traded in his Ford Mustang for the Viper very recently ago and this led to an uproar on the forum thread.

Those that have read the comment were quick to blast the Ford Mustang ‘DNA’ in the driver which led to the crash. But of course, all these negativity surrounding the Mustang should be taken as a sinister joke aimed at the vehicle.