Dodge Viper To Make Surprise Return In 2020?

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Dodge pulled the plug on the Viper back in 2016 and this is due to the vehicle being unfit in terms of safety and emission. The stricter road-legal laws have basically removed the Viper from the market but this is only temporary.

According to Car&Driver, a credible insider has made a loud claim that Dodge has commenced the development of the next-gen Viper. The upcoming vehicle is likely to be built on a new platform that will ensure safety for it to achieve road-legal status.

The only setback here is that the insider has failed to offer any clues or evidence that can back up his claim. Car&Driver, however, remains convinced that the insider is speaking the truth.

If the next-gen Viper is truly in the works, Dodge will be hoping to surprise the world through the vehicle’s unveiling in 2020.