Dodge Viper To Mark Its Return Next Year?

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The Dodge Viper is an iconic, all-American supercar that has been discontinued due to its inability to meet the current safety standards. The death of the Viper has left an emotional impact among the fans but it isn’t one that will last forever.

According to Car&Driver, a new Viper is already in the works and it is scheduled to make its first unveiling next year. The news outlet claims to have spoken to a highly reliable insider from Fiat-Chrysler and they are convinced that the next-gen Viper will debut within a year from now.

The next-gen Viper is tipped to have a completely different design and it will also be built on a brand-new platform. With the new architecture in place, the Viper can solve its safety crisis and also try out newer and better powertrains.

Well, as exciting as this sounds, you should take the above with loads of salt as there is no telling how true the claim is. All will be revealed next year.