Don’t Buy Chevrolet Camaro For Comfort!

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The latest Chevrolet Camaro is a mighty fine performance car to own but power seems to be the only thing which the car can brag about. When it comes to cabin comfort and ease of drive, the Camaro is far behind the market average.

We took a ride on the Camaro again last week and realized that visibility is really poor for the driver. The window frame is small in measurement and they are also pretty thin too. It makes it hard to look at the surrounding for both the driver and the passenger.

Another minus with the Camaro is with the infotainment system. The in-car media outlet is fixed with a microphone but the feature never really functions well when having to answer calls.

With that being said, we can confirm that the Camaro is not the car for you if you are looking for an all-rounder performance car that has a decent level of comfort. The Camaro is a beast that is not for everyone.