Dyson Electric Car Projet Ended Before Seeing Any Light?

Not too long ago, it was announced that Dyson might be looking to hop on to the automotive train and come out with a new EV model for the future but it looks like we will not see that happen anymore.

James Dyson announced that although their team did come out with a fantastic car, they just cannot seem to find a way to make it commercially viable despite all their efforts and thus, they have decided to cancel the project.

They went on to add that the company is also looking to find positions within the company for the team and that they do have enough vacancies to absorb most of the employees that were hired to work on the EV vehicle.

Previous patent images showed that the EV model will come in as a crossover model and will be built in Singapore. It was rported that plans to build the EV model took root as early as 2016 but sadly, this will be the end of it for now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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