Enough Of Supra, Here’s One For BMW Z4 Loyalists!

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The past couple of months have witnessed a lot of new information on the next-gen Toyota Supra emerging online and it led the car to become the subject of numerous discussions at automotive forums.

While some information are unconfirmed and require a clarification from Toyota, the certainty is that the next Supra will share a lot of parts with the next-gen BMW Z4. This brings us to the next question – what of the next Z4?

There have been little coverage on the next-gen roadster from BMW and the only things we know thus far is that the car will have a similar mill offering and platform with the next Supra. Even the design of the car is hard to imagine due to the lack of coverage.

As such, we have done some digging on Google beyond Page 3 and it was then when we realized that there is a new batch of spy shots on the next Z4 released online very recently ago.

The new shots saw the car performing some tests with a 3-Series and of course, the next Supra. The spied Z4 allows us to confirm that the vehicle will have a completely different shape and appearance to the Supra and you can see here for a better idea on how the car will appear like when released.