EV Vehicle Will Not Take Forever To Charge With This

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While we do see the benefit of having an electric vehicle, there is no denying that it is still not as convenient as a petrol, diesel or hybrid model right now mainly because of the long charging time but according to GBatteries, that will not be an issue anymore.

The startup company claims that they can recharge an electric vehicle as fast as it takes for us to fill up a tank which is pretty nice. Behind the company are Kostya Khomutov, an aerospace engineer, Alex Tkachenko and Nick Sherstyuk who are electrical engineers as well as CCO Tim Sherstyuk.

They explain that their system will use AI to optimize the charging systems in electric cars and they are making some pretty interesting claim that they would be able to chate a 60kWh battery pack in 15 minutes.

Of course, we do not know when this would be coming or if it is going to hapen but if it does, it would drastically change the way people feel about electric cars.