Even Audi Knows That Their Grilles Are Getting Out Of Control

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With each new release of Audi vehicles, the grille only seems to get bigger but it looks like Audi is finally drawing the line.

According to Car Throttle, Audi is now looking for ways to make their grille less imposing. Andreas Mindt, the boss of Audi has reported that they already have a few ideas in mind of how their future grilles will look like.

One of the thing that he suggests would work would be to give the grille a frame body color instead of a black frame to make it looks smaller which is what they did with the Audi e-Tron GT concept. When the frame of the grille no longer look like a border, the grille does look smaller although they could have definitely gone a lot smaller if they wanted too since the vehicle comes with an all-electric powertrain and does not really need a grille to keep it cool.