Ferrari Physically Destroyed In Japan, 2 Survivors Remain

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If you’re heading to Japan with hopes of seeing a Ferrari being driven by a local, your chances are almost non-existent. This is especially after we read a report citing that the number of Ferraris in the country has diminished sharply in recent weeks.

In detail, 51 Ferraris have been found destroyed in the latest typhoon incident over in Japan with only 2 models surviving the natural disaster. The two models managed to escape death after getting moved to a safe parking area.

Ferrari is an expansive and exotic car brand that is rare on the roads. Well, it has just gotten rarer in Japan than ever before ever since the country got hit by this deadly typhoon.

If you wish to read more on the matter, you can check out the link here. Do note that the article is in Japanese and you may need Google Translate assistance.