Ferrari To Offer New Tech With First EV

Ferrari is in no rush to hop on to the EV hype train right now as the automaker has so far set their goal to offer an EV model only in 2025 and when it does arrive, the vehicle will sporting Ferrari’s new tech.

According to Ferrari, Ferrari has a niche target and do not feel pressured to rush into it even when their rivals start offering up new EV models. It was added that they believe that the battery tech is not developed enough to be able to power a supercar right now.

When asked how Ferrari will cope in the UK when the country ban sales on non-electric cars in 2032, it was added that they will try to meet all regulations to figure out a solution although they do not think that such regulation would push them to change their plans.

Ferrari is also working on a solution to bring the traditional driving feeling to EV models since part of the joy of driving the Ferrari is the engine noise which is not a thing with EV.

Author: Staff Reporter

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