Fiat 124 Spider Leaves UK

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Those living in the UK will not be able to get their hands on the Fiat 124 Spider anymore as Fiat pulled the sports car from the UK market. No explanation was given but people have been speculating on why.

Most people think that it was because of the low sales number. It was reported that only 7800 units of the Fiat 124 Spider were sold all across Europe in 2017.

It also does not help that the Fiat 124 Spider was sold for $1,404 which puts it right beside models like the Mazda MX-5 which many would consider as the better option considering what the Fiat 124 Spider has to offer.

One other possibility is that the 1.4 liter Multiair turbocharged engine that Fiat 124 Spider was offered with might not comply with the WLTP emissions regulations.

While the entry elvel model will no longer be avaialble, there is still the Abarth 124 Spider.