Fiat Enters Supercar Territory In Canada

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Affordable cars from mass-market manufacturers tend to sell in respectable size, even if they are not a popular choice in the region. But for Italian brand Fiat, they have hit a new level of low with sales numbers that can rival an exotic vehicle.

The sales report from Fiat for the month of July 2018 has confirmed on this when it showed only 49 cars being moved in Canada. Canada is a massive country and to only achieve 49 vehicles sold in an entire month is considered really poor by affordable market standards.

If it is in the US, we can accept it easier due to the stigma with Fiat. This is Canada where the population is kinder in their views on Fiat.

As a comparison, Jaguar’s worst month in 2018 here in North America was in May which saw the carmaker moving about 350 units. Fiat barely makes a-third of that number and this is enough reason for them to start feeling worried.