First BMW X4 M40i To Turn Into Donor Car

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The all-new 2019 BMW X4 M40i was launched about a month ago and this appears to be more than enough time for someone to crash the vehicle upon collecting it at a local dealer.

The picture above shows the X4 M40i in the aftermath of the crash and you can easily notice the heavy damages inflicted on the vehicle’s body. It’s just unfortunate for the owner to crash his newly-bought $60,450 super-sport luxury crossover but at least he is handling the situation well.

Instead of fixing a broken new product, the owner has decided to cash in on insurance claims before sending the X4 M40i to Copart to get auctioned off. This technically means that the X4 M40i is giving someone an opportunity to adopt a donor car.

The only unfortunate bit here is that it wasn’t clear how the crash happened. While rare, new cars getting destroyed while being driven home is possible and drivers should keep that in mind.