First US Honda Civic Type-R Has An Obvious Weakness

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Earlier today, it was reported that the first batch of UK-produced Honda Civic Type-R has landed in US soil and it will eventually get delivered to those that have ordered the vehicle.

Everything sounds exciting because the Civic Type-R’s arrival will allow us to get a closer look at the vehicle, until we learned about a weak point with the US-bound Civic Type-R. The problem with the car is with the tires it runs on.

It was mentioned that the Civic Type-R is wearing 245/30R20 tires and this does not sound efficient for US roads. We say this because our extensive coverage on the Volkswagen Golf GTI and R saw many owners downsizing to 17” wheels due to bent rims caused by bad roads and potholes.

The road quality here in the US may be great but they are not that consistent when it comes to being fault free. Together with the fact that the Civic Type-R is made to be an affordable performance car, we don’t think the target market can maintain the use of 20” wheels.

But of course, this is just our assumption based on seeing the regularity of Golf GTI and R owners downsizing on their wheels. Wheels aside, the Civic Type-R is still an attractive sports car and we can’t wait to pilot the vehicle on the track.