Ford Baby Bronco Might Finally Have A Name

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We know that Ford is looking to build an SUV based on the Ford Bronco but so far, it was only being referred to as the Baby Bronco without any real name but it looks like we might finally have a name for it.

According to GoAuto, Ford has applied the name Ford Puma in Australia and New Zealand. Of course, they could be using the name for any future models but people seems to think that it could be for the Baby Bronco that is believed to be coming in 2019 or 2020.

Although the Baby Bronco will be based on the Bronco and will look like an off-roader, it is not a true off-roader as it will be sharing its underpinning with the Ford Focus. The vehicle could also share its engine with models like the Ford Escape and Ford Kuga.

There were also speculations that the name Puma would be for Australia and New Zealand while the other market like the US could be getting Maverick or Timberline name.