Ford Baby Bronco Strengthens Toyota Jimny Allegations

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Back in July last month, Ford released several teaser images of the highly-anticipated, next-gen Bronco. The surprising bit here is that the teasers for the Bronco saw another vehicle getting lined-up next to it and it is said to be a smaller, 4-door version of the off-road-tailored SUV.

Tentatively-known as the Baby Bronco, many are expecting Ford to pull the wrappers off the vehicle at the upcoming LA Auto Show in November this year. On top of that, the teaser has left a growing number of fans questioning why Ford has suddenly decided to create the Baby Bronco.

Keeping in mind that there have been talks about a new Toyota compact, all-terrain SUV being in creation since last year, it may have convinced Ford to move ahead with the development of the Baby Bronco.

The vehicle from Toyota is rumoured to be a rebadged Suzuki Jimny – a highly popular all-terrain SUV in the Asian region. Suzuki is already on the verge of launching the next-gen Jimny and they are said to have agreed terms with Toyota on a rebadged model for the US market.

If this is true, the automotive scene here in the US will definitely get a lot more exciting with the Baby Bronco establishing a rivalry with the Toyota Jimny. Will it happen?