Ford Bronco Brings Silence To 2018 Expectation

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Ford has already confirmed that the Bronco will be making a return in the near future through a new generation model but they have yet to provide an exact date for it.

If rumours are to be referred to, a preview model or concept of the Bronco will be taking the stage at this year’s LA Auto Show. Well, today, we will be the unpopular voice on the internet through saying that the unveiling won’t happen.

This is based on Ford’s statement where they said that the the Bronco will only come out once they are done with the release of the Ranger. Speaking of which, the midsized pickup truck was meant to debut in Q1 this year but that never happen at all.

With that being said, the Ranger is likely to take the stage in LA thus leaving the Bronco with a 2019 release date. Are you excited?