Ford Bronco Mini-Me Feline-Inspired Name Leaked?

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There have long been talks and speculation about the mini SUV that Ford will be building based on the upcoming Ford Bronco. There is not a whole lot of details about the vehicle right now/ We don’t even know what it is called but the latest report suggests that the smaller Bronco could get a feline-inspired name.

It was reported that the mini Ford Bronco will look similar to the new Ford Bronco as features like the flat roof, short front, raked windscreen and more will be carried over from the Bronco. The vehicle will also have a 4-door setup which is different from what the Bronco will offer when it arrives.

As for the name, it was reported that Ford has just applied for the name Puma. While the name can be used for any future Ford model, most people seem to believe that it is for the mini Ford Bronco.