Ford Bronco Plays Down LA Expectations

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The Bronco is the next major SUV to come from Ford and it is one of the most anticipated vehicles right now. Many are excited to see the revival of the Bronco although there is no telling on when the vehicle will make its official unveiling.

If reports are to be referred to, the Bronco will be returning next year hence there is a chance for a preview concept to break covers at the upcoming LA Auto Show. But then again, this is an outcome that is least likely to happen, at least in our eyes.

This is because of the Ranger. In case you are unaware, Ford is also developing the next-gen Ranger and they will launch the pickup truck first before the Bronco. The Ranger has been a hype topic for over a year now and LA looks like the ideal place for its official launching. If this is to happen, Ford wouldn’t want to have the Bronco overshadowing the Ranger at the same venue.

Secondly, Ford has this habit of making iconic launches at Detroit Auto Show instead of LA hence they will reserve the Bronco’s unveiling for the sequel event.

These are some strong pointers and it has convinced us that the Bronco won’t be around in LA. At most, Ford will offer some new information on the SUV before pulling the curtains off an early prototype.