Ford Bronco Pours Water Over 2018 Hype!

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The Ford Bronco is getting revived through a new-generation model and rumours have been rife in claiming that the vehicle will make its official unveiling in Q4 this year.

If this statement has put your hopes up for the vehicle, we have got some bad news for you and it is that the Bronco won’t make an appearance in 2018 at all.

Ford has already confirmed on this when they revealed that the Bronco will only come out once they are done with the release of the Ranger. Speaking of which, the midsized pickup truck was meant to debut in Q1 this year but that never happen at all.

The way we see it, the Ranger will be the vehicle taking the stage in Q4 this year thus making it impossible for the Bronco to debut at a similar time. 2019 is the best bet for the hotly anticipated SUV.