Ford Bronco, Ranger Spend Less Than Jeep Wrangler

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Within 2 years from now, two popular nameplates from Ford will look to make a return in the US market. They are the Bronco and the Ranger.

While details on the next-gen Bronco and Ranger are not out yet, we can already confirm that Ford is spending less than what Jeep is spending on the Wrangler-based pickup truck.

Ford announced earlier today that they are investing $850 million dollars on the production facilities located in Michigan. The Michigan plants will be re-tooled with the invested money and this is so that they can produce the Bronco and the Ranger.

The amount of money spent by Ford also suggests that Jeep is not shrewd with its spending. The 4×4-focussed company needed $700 million to re-tool the Toledo plant so that they can develop the Wrangler-based pickup truck.

This may sound cheaper than what Ford is spending but you should note that Ford is working on two major vehicles whereas Jeep is only working on one.