Ford Bronco With Two-Door Spotted Out In The Open

Although Ford has not officially confirmed anything yet, there have long been rumors about Ford possibly working on a two-door version of the upcoming Ford Bronco and now, it looks like spies have spotted the vehicle getting tested out in the open.

The four-door version was spotted a few times now but this would be the first time the two-door version was spotted out in the open. While previous rumors suggest that we might have to wait a while before we see the two-door model, these new spy shots showed that the vehicle might be closer than we think.

We already know that the Bronco will be coming in with a solid rear axle with coil springs and struts and will be fitted with an independent front suspension. It also looks like it might have a removable roof but we will have to wait for Ford to officially announce it to learn more about what the Ford Bronco will be offering.

Author: Staff Reporter

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