Ford Caught Reverse Engineering Tesla Model X

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It is a common practice for carmakers to purchase a rival brand for the sake of researching. Today, we learned that Ford has paid up to $200,000 to purchase the all-new Tesla Model X.

The purpose of it is not to drive the vehicle. Instead, Ford will perform reverse engineering on the Model X and learn everything that can be learned about the vehicle. With the Tesla Model X being an EV car, it would be interesting to see how the crossover will influence Ford in the near future.

Sure $200,000 sounds like Ford has been robbed since the Model X has an average price of $80,000. Then again, paying double the amount for a rival company vehicle is considered as being courtesy in the automotive industry.

The Model X will surely push Ford to produce a powerful EV car that can rival the upcoming Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt EV. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the EV vehicle from Ford will arrive.