Ford Challenging Diesel Scare With New EcoBlue Mills

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It is official. Ford has finished developing the EcoBlue engine and it will be replacing the long-serving Duratorq engine. The EcoBlue unit functions much like EcoBoost except for the fact that it runs on diesel.

Two EcoBlue units were unveiled today and they measure at 1.5L and 2L respectively. Like EcoBoost, EcoBlue utilizes a turbocharger that is tuned for maximum power output and the best fuel economy. Power will peak in a range of 200hp-240hp depending on the capacity of the motor.

The funny thing is that Ford launched the EcoBlue at a moment where the world has lost trust for diesel. Ford is aware of the bad timing but they are hoping to turn it around by claiming that their new diesel engine is accurate when it comes to carbon emission.

The fact that Ford is daring to release EcoBlue in a bad time can serve them well as it offers confidence in the product. We would be interested to see how a 240hp EcoBlue engine will perform if fitted on the F-150.