Ford Claims Strict Regulators Are Making It Painful, They Must Have Forgot About Jeep

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Ford went to the Beijing Auto Show to unveil some interesting concepts and future vehicles. Aside from that, Ford also discussed about the difficulties which they are facing with the emission regulators from around the world.

Ford’s Mark Fields shared that various automakers including them are finding it more difficult keeping up with the demands of emission regulators. Mark then explained that this is probably why big names like Volkswagen have succumbed to cheating their emissions.

Mark concluded by revealing that Ford has met the regulation standards all the time and they will continue to do so for the future to come. This is great attitude from both Mark Fields and Ford but they might have forgotten about Jeep.

The carmaker from Fiat-Chrysler is known for their big SUVs and rugged off-roaders. The unfortunate thing is that Jeep vehicles have poor fuel economy average and they are still strolling to offer a green-focussed vehicle. Perhaps Jeep is not feeling the pinch at all.