Ford EcoSport: Can New Design Prevent Fiesta Embarrassment?

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Ford’s decision to replace the Fiesta with the EcoSport here in the US has been met with negative feedback from the crowd but it is not just because of the love for the subcompact hatchback.

Another reason why they hated the decision is because the EcoSport does not have an attractive design for a subcompact crossover. The unappealing styling of the EcoSport has resulted in a slow start for the vehicle and it helps explain why the EcoSport has not brought in any improvements over the Fiesta’s average monthly sales figures.

Ford knows better that they need to intervene to turn the EcoSport’s fortunes around and they have done just that. The carmaker revealed earlier today that the EcoSport will have a completely new design for 2020 and the styling will be akin to the popular Ford Escape.

We see this as a good move from Ford as we simply dislike the weird shell on the current EcoSport. The 2020 model will, at least, look decent and it will make the EcoSport more appealing to the mass-market.