Ford Escape ST Performance Crossover Not Going To Happen

Ford has been making some major changes to their lineup. Not only are they removing the sedans from their lineup but they have also been shifting their focus to crossover and SUVs model.

On top of that, Ford has also been offering up high-performance ST versions of some of their models including the Explorer and Edge leading many to believe that some other models like the Escape will also be getting the same treatment but we might have been too optimistic.

Some people believe that the Escape ST model would be coming in with a 2.0 liter EcoBoost inline-four engine that will be offering about 250hp. According to Ford Authority, Ford currently does not have any plans to offer an ST version of the Ford Escape.

Other models that would most likely not be getting an ST model probably includes the Kuga while the Puma could be getting an ST. What model would you like to see them offer the ST option?

Author: Staff Reporter

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