Ford Explorer Beats Dodge Charger For Crime-Fighting Crown

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Here in the US, there is a secret sales rivalry between Ford and Dodge, and it is about the crime-fighting market. For the police force, they have been jumping between Ford and Dodge in the past decade but now, it looks like the balance is tilting towards one end over the other.

It was revealed today that Ford has earned the title for building the quickest police vehicle yet and it is one that is based on the Explorer. Ford calls the vehicle the Police Interceptor Utility and it boasts having more attractive numbers than the Dodge Charger AWD with a V8 engine.

The Police Interceptor Utility can achieve 150mph top speed thus making it 1mph faster than the Charger. The Interceptor Utility also led the pack with a 5.77s 0-60mph and this is about 0.1s faster than its rival.

Last but not least, the Explorer has an average track time of 01:36.47, beating the AWD V8 Charger that gets 01:37.11. These numbers confirm that the Explorer is the best crime-fighting vehicle out there hence justifying 52% of the market share within the cop compound.