Ford F-150 Follows Ford Mustang Into The Dark

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The lights are off. The mechanicals have been muted. The air is still and every door is locked. These are the things that best describes the Ford production facility in Kansas City as it experience a temporary cease in operations.

The production house is responsible for the development of the ever-successful Ford F-150 but now that there is a huge surplus in stock, Ford is making adjustment to the production figures so that they can balance it out with the market demand.

The Blue Oval company explained that the surplus is not something to worry about as it is what they have been expecting. As a result, Ford has given the centre in Kansas City a well-deserved week-long break that may extend further if needed.

The workers are not fired as all 13,000 of them continue to get paid despite the long leave. But of course, the salary will be cut short, which is still good enough considering that you are getting paid for not working.

It is not a new thing from Ford as they have already turned the lights out for the Ford Mustang. The F-150 looks set to follow and so are the other vehicles from Ford.