Ford F-150 Recall Can’t Escape Forever

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It looks like Ford will have to add more Ford F-150 to the list of recalled vehicle now as they announce that more vehicles will be affected by the downshifting issue.

According to Ford, the 2013 Ford F-150 will be recalled after discovering that the vehicle has the tendency to downshifting into first great without warning and for no real reason. The recall will affect about 1.48million units of the Ford F-150 models that are mated to the six-speed automatic transmission first but it was later added that 123,000 models from the recalled list are still at risk.

Ford later explain that some updates were missing in the latest software which is why they still had cases of the vehicle downshifting. Those models will have to go back to the dealer once more to get the software updated correctly this time.

Ford also issue another two recall affecting the Explorers and the Econoline.