Ford F-150 Spotted Getting Fueled Up With Charging Cable

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There were already talks about Ford possibly offering their Ford F-150 model with an electric motor and now the latest spy image does suggest that Ford is working on one and that we might see them offer it real soon.

The Ford F-150 was spotted out in the open and one of the image showed the vehicle plugged in through the driver side front bumper. The position of the charging port might change on the production model but this does confirm that an electric Ford F-150 is out there right now.

The vehicle was fitted with a tailpipe but we all know that it is easy to fit on a dummy unit to throw us off. It does sound like electric trucks might be the way of the future. We have already seen the prototype from Rivian and it does look like Ford is also ready to offer such a model.

Do you think there is a place for an electric truck in the market?